53% of Americans feel the pandemic has changed them

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53% of Americans feel the pandemic has changed them
Source: Facebook @MarcoDeComunicacion
September 22, 2022

An investigation carried out in early 2022 by the MARCO agency explores the impact of the pandemic on the behavior of people around the world, from consumer values ​​and purchasing habits.

Led by a panel of experts, the study reveals the impact of the pandemic on Americans, the main sources of information they use, their views on social responsibility, and their knowledge and use of the metaverse. According to the study, 53% of Americans feel that the pandemic has changed them as people and, in some cases, this has led them to adopt new habits in their daily lives.

According to the report, Americans' preferred source of information isn't online newspapers or social media like Instagram, it's television. 56% of Americans frequently have the television on and for this reason it is considered one of the main means of mass communication in the United States.

After television, Facebook is the next great source of information, with 35% of Americans using it very frequently. On Facebook, users collect information from friends, businesses, and advertisements, but despite its popularity, Facebook is not considered the most reliable source compared to television, radio, and newspapers. In terms of information, radio ranks second and Americans consider it the most reliable source.

According to Loredana Domingo, a senior consultant at MARCO, the company that conducted the research, "we can clearly see that Americans trust the most traditional sources of information. Today, social networks have a lot of power and influence in society, especially in young generation. However, television, radio and print newspapers remain reliable sources of information for Americans."

The survey also showed that when it comes to choosing a brand or service, Americans focus more on certain characteristics related to social responsibility. Whether a brand treats its employees well was a top concern for Americans. They consider this topic more important than the commitments of a company's position with the environment or diversity. Furthermore, when choosing a product or service, they care more about quality and price than a brand's sustainability credentials.

On the other hand, for Europeans, a brand's commitment to environmental responsibility is the most important factor when choosing where to buy a product or service, followed by the brand's treatment of its employees. Both the United States and Europe consider the promotion of diversity to be less important than the other factors mentioned.


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