Soccer: an Argentinian passion

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Soccer: an Argentinian passion
Soccer: an Argentinian passion
September 28, 2022

A parallel world revolves around the ball as it happens in few places. This is how you live in Buenos Aires.

In Buenos Aires football is much more than sport. It is a unique experience where all the characteristics of the porteños are shown. It is lived with passion and with fanaticism. The stadium is called "the field" and there, where the match is played, a show is also unleashed in the stands.

 The pieces of paper appear, the applause, the movements of the arms accompanying the song, the drums and the whistles. Many speak of love, but other feelings are also awakened. The joy of winning, the euphoria for a goal at the last minute, the anger at losing or the anger at a referee's decision.
All porteños have a team. As well as name, surname and document number, it is another innate condition. When asked “what team are you from?” there will always be an answer. Many choose it because of the neighborhood to which they belong and others because of the family bond.

 Buenos Aires is the city with the most football stadiums in the world. Surely it is also in the number of "paddocks", as the little fields that are spontaneously set up in squares and green spaces are known. It is enough with a ball, a flat field and four sweaters on the ground to work as two goals. That popular street game called "picado" gave rise to some of the most skilled players in history, such as Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi.

 For those who are lucky and coincide on the calendar, the unmissable show is the Superclásico. This is the name given to the match between Boca and River, the most popular teams in the country, which face each other at least twice a year. As soon as the referee starts the game, the city is paralyzed. And inside the court, they begin to vibrate to the rhythm of the ball.
5 tips to live it like a porteño

  • Discover the graffiti: in the vicinity of the field, you will discover the murals and graffiti with the colors of the team. The clubs have a direct relationship with the neighborhood and in those colorful streets you can find something of their sense of belonging.
  • Walk down the street: the tide of people is so great that cars don't circulate and the streets turn into sidewalks. Grandparents, children, parents with their children, groups of friends or siblings move in the same direction. It is worth stopping and looking at the faces to discover in the crowd how each one lives the ritual that is about to begin.
  • Eat a choripán: a classic of the court is to eat a chorizo ​​on bread in a grill on the go. No one calls him that way, since for everyone it is "choripán". In some stadiums, it is also sold inside to take advantage of during halftime.
  • Learn a song: the inventiveness of the porteño is unique and many of the songs of the moment become great hits from the stands. These adapted versions are sung from the heart as a show of loyalty to the team.
  • Shout goals loudly: in the stands you live intensely and the moment of glory is when the ball enters the goal. You have to inflate your lungs and shout "gooooooooool" as if it were the last cry of life. Lengthening the “o” and discharging the tension. It is also common to hug the person next to you, even if it is a stranger.

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