ABAX Architects will design the Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the Bahamas

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ABAX Architects will design the Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the Bahamas
Source: JeffreyGroup
September 29, 2022

Cotton Bay Holdings announced that the Mexico-based company will be in charge of the architectural idea

“After an intense and exhaustive search of the best design and architecture companies in the world, we have selected ABAX Architects, an award-winning design company, based in Mexico City, as the main designers of our project”, announced Daniel Zuleta, manager of the company Cotton Bay Holdings Ltd.

Added Zuleta: “Over the past several months, we have been conducting a rigorous process with Marriott International and our partners to identify and secure a world-class team of designers to bring the development vision of this highly immersive luxury resort and residential complex to life. . This announcement marks an important milestone for this project, and we are excited to work together with ABAX to further this endeavor.”

In December 2021, Cotton Bay Holdings Ltd. announced its agreement with Marriott International, Inc. to bring the exclusive Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand to the Bahamas. The resort and residential development will be located on the idyllic island of Eleuthera. It is envisioned as an open-air development and will feature 90 rooms and 60 Ritz-Carlton Reserve-branded residences, designed to include a mix of two- to five-bedroom villas.

Emilio Pérez, Senior Continent Leader, Global Design, Marriott International, commented: “We are excited to begin the design process for this highly anticipated project with Cotton Bay Holdings and ABAX. The iconic Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand will undoubtedly add a new level of luxury to Eleuthera and the Bahamas."

Noting that the core values ​​of Cotton Bay Holdings align closely with those of ABAX Architects, Mr. Zuleta added, “We are committed to designing a world-class development that will reflect the beauty and magic of South Eleuthera. We were moved by ABAX's promise to design with a sense of place and full integration into the context, culture and history of a place. This is especially important to us; the essence of Cotton Bay will be embodied in the architecture of the resort.”

With 40 years of design experience, ABAX Architects was also selected for its design sensibility – it is contemporary, luxurious and deeply connected to the place of the projects it has created. Additionally, having worked with Marriott International to create Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Los Cabos, Mexico, she is very familiar with the brand's standards and what is expected of a Reserve property.”

The Cotton Bay team recently paid a visit to the historic 1,000-acre development in South Eleuthera to officially kick off the planning and design phase of the $100 million project. In addition to representatives from ABAX Architects, the team was also attended by executives from Cotton Bay Holdings Ltd., Construcciones Planizadas S.A. with its internal design management team, and Marriott International.

Fernando de Haro, General Director of ABAX Architects, explained, “For ABAX, starting a new project is always a great challenge and a very stimulating experience. We are excited about the opportunity to visit the property and get to know the island and its incredible people, customs and culture; and discover the magic that surrounds Cotton Bay. This deep understanding will allow us to create a beautiful Reserve.

We are grateful that Cotton Bay Holdings has placed their trust in ABAX to be the lead architects for the design of this Ritz-Carlton Reserve. We commit ourselves to our clients with total professionalism and with the vast experience acquired by our extensive experience, which includes being the architects of Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Los Cabos, Mexico. I believe that by working together we will achieve a successful project that our client will be deeply proud of.”


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