Mexico highlights the hotel industry as a gear of tourist activity

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Mexico highlights the hotel industry as a gear of tourist activity
Source: SECTUR
September 30, 2022

At the celebration for the 80th anniversary of the Mexico City Hotel Association, sector authorities recognized the strong link between activity and economic recovery

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, stressed that the hotel industry is the gear of tourism activity and an important engine of our economy because it represents investment, economic spillover and job creation.

Attending as guest of honor the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Hotel Association of Mexico City, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) reiterated the strong link he has with this sector in which he actively participated in the field professional.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, Nathalie Desplas Puel, Torruco Marqués detailed some of the key moments that gave rise to this association that emerged in 1942, and whose experience accumulated from that year to date, in addition to providing advice, training and representativeness to its members, has been an indispensable assistant in tourism promotion.

He mentioned that as part of the legacy that has remained for the hotel sector, there is the history contained in his books, the anthem and now the Mexican Hotel Museum, located in the Magical Town of Orizaba, Veracruz, and that it is a journey through the evolution of this industry, in the place where the first inn in Latin America was born.

He recognized that among the problems that afflicted the hotel sector was the lack of regulation of digital accommodation platforms, which is why, in coordination with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), these companies currently already pay Income Tax (ISR). ) and Value Added Tax (VAT).

The Secretary of Tourism stressed that another serious historical problem that affected the hotel industry and the sector in general was that international tourists took hours to leave the airport after landing.

“President Andrés Manuel López Obrador instructed me to coordinate the team to modify the Migration Law, and unanimously by all the parties of the two Chambers and the Tourism Commissions, the modification of article 35 of said law was approved, which allows the use of automated technological tools for the surveillance of entry and exit to the national territory. In this way, we are going to solve, next year, digitization”, he declared.

The head of Sectur indicated that after having a 9% growth in tourists and foreign exchange, in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, the most difficult moment in the industry after World War II.

He pointed out that this is how innovation was promoted with the First Digital Tourist Market, in which 61 countries participated. Likewise, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador implemented that flights would not be restricted; and that the tourism sector should be the first to enable the health protocols, which were launched in coordination with the Ministry of Health, Sectur and the private sector, being the first country in Latin America to apply them; coupled with the vaccination strategy. In addition, virtual meetings were held with tour operators from major markets that send tourists to Mexico.

“In the end, the world in terms of tourism fell 73%, the countries that compete with Mexico fell from 84% to 88%, and Mexico, with the measures that were taken, which I now assert were adequate, fell only 46%” Torruco Marques said.

He affirmed that with these trends, this year Mexico will receive 42 million 301 thousand international tourists, only six points below 2019, but in foreign exchange for tourism "which is how tourism potential is measured" 26 thousand 121 million dollars will be captured, that is 6.3 above 2019.

The Secretary of Tourism congratulated the Mexico City Hotel Association on its 80th anniversary and urged them to continue working for the benefit of tourism.

For her part, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, Nathalie Desplas Puel, declared that thanks to the hotel industry, the development of tourist activity is possible. She promised to work shoulder to shoulder with the hoteliers of the capital and asked for their trust in the work that the Mexico City government is doing for the benefit of our destination.

“In 2023, Mexico City will host the great event that is the Tianguis Turístico de México, deserved for years, and hand in hand with you, I am sure that we will make this the best Tianguis of all time”, emphasized Desplas .

On his occasion, Rafael García González, president of the Hotel Association of Mexico City, highlighted that 22 presidents have passed through this organization, always working in unity.

He pointed out that this great metropolis is destined to become an important tourist destination thanks to its great strengths. He thanked the presence of representatives of different tourist associations, as well as authorities of the three levels of government.

During the celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the Hotel Association of Mexico City, awards were given to six former presidents, as well as a special one to Secretary Miguel Torruco Marqués, for his career of more than 50 years dedicated to the tourism industry. .

Among those attending the event were also the deputy Frida Guillén Ortiz, president of the Tourism Commission of the Congress of Mexico City; Pablo Vázquez Camacho, Undersecretary of Citizen Participation and Crime Prevention of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC CDMX); Salvador Guerrero Chiprés, president of the Citizen Council of Mexico City; Fadlala Akabani, Secretary of Economic Development of Mexico City; Sandra Cuevas, mayor of Cuauhtémoc; Jesús Rodríguez Cárdenas, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mexico City (CANACO CDMX); and Augusto Rodríguez Piñeiro, president of the Spanish Casino.


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