Ten Brazilian cities among the most sustainable destinations in the world

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Ten Brazilian cities among the most sustainable destinations in the world
Source: Ministério do Turismo Brasil
September 30, 2022

The prize was awarded by a Dutch organization and reinforces sustainable tourism in the country

Ten Brazilian destinations are among the 100 most sustainable for tourism in the world in 2022. The recognition was made on World Tourism Day, by the Dutch organization Green Destinations. Among the winners are the cities of Epitaciolândia, Diamantina, Capitólio, Tibau do Sul, Tibau, Corguinho, Pedro Gomes, Bombinhas, Orleans and Itá.

For the second consecutive year, the city of Bombinhas, in Santa Catarina, was selected by the entity to compose the select list, this year with the “Tainha Artisanal Fishing” project. Cultural Heritage of the Municipality and State of Santa Catarina, the initiative is a tradition that originated with the indigenous people and is now part of the identity of Bombinense. Much more than an economic activity from which many families earn a living, it is above all a cultural manifestation that brings together people, knowledge, history and culture, transmitted from generation to generation.

Epitaciolândia, in Acre, was recognized for the case of Mr. José Rodrigues, nicknamed Dr. Caucho, responsible for the production of sustainable accessories with elements extracted from latex at the Nova Esperança rubber plantation, where he lives. José's work has an important impact on the sustainable development of the region, as well as the protection of Acre's forests. In 2014 he was also recognized with the Chico Mendes Award from Florestania.

Other destinations covered by the initiative were the municipalities of Corguinho and Pedro Gomes, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The former won the award for the Ziggurat Tourist Complex, which includes the astronomical observatory, the research center, differentiated buildings, trails with discoveries archaeological and scientific models. The second exposed the world to waterfalls, spas, and trails, all of which are still not heavily frequented by tourists.

The chosen destinations were added to the select list of the organization that annually seeks to reward 100 stories of good practices that inspire responsible tourism leaders worldwide. The selection includes destinations that are moving towards a sustainable tourism industry.

In addition to receiving global visibility, those selected became eligible for nomination for the “Green Destination Stories Awards”, announced at ITB Berlin, one of the world's largest tourism fairs.


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