Sernatur presented the new Go for Chile campaign at FIT 2022

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Sernatur presented the new Go for Chile campaign at FIT 2022
Source: Travel2latam
October 07, 2022

The country seeks to promote a tourist offer linked to nature, without neglecting the unique experiences and identity features of each region

With an imposing stand, Sernatur was present at the new edition of the FIT to show the various attractions of each region. The destination took advantage of the occasion to enthusiastically announce the elimination of sanitary restrictions due to Covid and strongly present the Go for Chile short-term tactical campaign, with all the tourist offer prepared for visitors. We interviewed Beatriz Román Alzérreca, National Director(s) of Sernatur, and this she told us:

With what approach does Chile present its attractions this year?
Today we want to make Chile's varied offer and nature with identity visible, through new products associated with specific experiences; for example outdoors, a star that has international certifications for having high visibility. We also have an offer closely associated with our culture and gastronomy. The objective that we bring today is to enhance our nature offer, in addition to our more traditional offer of sun and beach, but adding products with a strong local identity and with more niche offers, to respond to a changing and changing demand today. .

A pandemic later, do you feel like something has changed?
Many things changed after the pandemic. Travel preferences changed, tastes changed and we had a good time preparing a new offer, with a much more inclusive product, focused on accessibility, also making visible all the identity elements that give a more sustainable offer over time, welcoming a little the changes that arose post-pandemic. Today there is in Chile an offer prepared for that and to approach a market that is also looking for and preferring places in the open air; there Chile has a lot to offer, we have a national offer with nature, with a lot of descent depending on the territory to the different experiences: astrotourism, ethnotourism, indigenous tourism, adventure, etc.

What predictions can you make looking for 2023?
Looking ahead to next year, we predict a high international tourist flow, after two years with all health restrictions removed. 2023 will be a year to strongly reactivate international tourism, be it short-distance and regional markets, as well as long-distance tourism; And that means not only activating with tourist offers, promotions, campaigns, etc., but also promoting more strategic elements such as air flows that were lost in the pandemic or activating others that are intentional, depending on the tourist destinations.

How would you summarize Chile's tourist offer in a few words?
Chile is nature with identity. It is what we want today to promote throughout our national territory.


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