Jalapão: the best kept secret for adventure tourism in Brazil

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Jalapão: the best kept secret for adventure tourism in Brazil
Source: Embratur
October 14, 2022

The State Park extends over an area of ​​34km, is located 300km from Palmas airport and about 623km from Brasilia

The Jalapão State Park extends over an area of ​​34 kilometers, perfect for lovers of adventure tourism and with a peculiarity: it is so wild that it has had internet connectivity for less than a year. It is characterized by a hundred rivers where underground currents mean that bathers never manage to dive. 

Nature, adventure and fun are synonymous with Jalapão, an exuberant oasis -located in the state of Tocantins- that, although it has no access to the sea, concentrates rivers of transparent waters, warm and crystalline waterfalls, springs that flow into white sands, rock formations, dazzling dunes and a vegetation of bananas, buritis and other typical plants of the region.  

Located 300 km from the Palmas airport and about 623 km north of Brasilia, the capital of Tocantins- Jalapão is one of those places for selective tourism, due to the long distances that must be traveled to enjoy it. To give an idea: a year ago there was no internet service in the region, although the infrastructure for tours, gastronomy and inns is very consolidated, the number of visitors did not reach 60 thousand people in 2021. 

Due to its proportions, it is convenient to visit it in 4x4 vehicles and have a minimum of five days for the tour, which includes hiking, climbing and diving. Among the main attractions of Jalapão are the Dunes, the Cachoeira do Formiga and the charming fervedouros; These are pools of warm water, product of springs of thermal rivers in which those who dive cannot sink. The fervedouros are formed thanks to underground rivers that, having no space for water to flow, form natural pools on the surface. The pressure exerted by the water that flows from the water table allows people to float permanently; the most popular is the Soninho Fountain, among the 20 fervedouros open to the public, of the 100 that exist throughout the park.  

Other must-sees of the tour are the sunsets in Pedra Furada, rafting in the Cachoeira da Velha and the sunrise in Serra do Espírito Santo or Morro do Sereno, in addition to the visit to the Catedral Mountain. Connoisseurs of the circuit suggest including several attractions each day to amortize the tours, which are extensive. 

Although Jalapão can be visited throughout the year, the ideal is to visit it in the dry months; the rainiest are from October to April and the busiest season is in June and July. The average temperature in the region is around 30 degrees, and the adventure includes waking up early to take advantage of the daylight and the sighting of flocks of blue parrots, as well as including swimsuits, sunscreen, repellent and camera in the backpack. . 

How to get 
Jalapão is an environmental conservation unit that borders the states of Bahia, Maranhão and Piauí. There are no airports in the region and the only way to get there is by land. The ideal is to go by plane to Palmas, capital of Tocantins, 300 km from the park, and from there move by car. The main access road from Palmas is the TO-030 to Santa Tereza do Tocantins, and then the TO-130 to Ponte Alta. Most of the roads in the region are dirt or soft sand and even 4x4s have to travel with caution. The ideal is to visit the park with tours that include transfers, accommodation and food, which usually offer comfort, although without great luxuries; the offer is wide and allows you to include the attractions of your choice. The main Brazilian air hubs, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, 

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