Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Resort is recognized for its commitment to sustainability

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Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Resort is recognized for its commitment to sustainability
Source: Lorena Herrasti
October 20, 2022

The luxurious property has been nationally recognized for its 11-year track record of certification on its sustainable beaches

Last Tuesday Bahía de Banderas was the host municipality of the Third National Meeting of Sustainable Beaches.

The meeting was attended by the governor of the state of Nayarit, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero, and the municipal president of Bahía de Banderas, Mirta Villalvazo.

During the event, Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Resort received special recognition as a national environmental leader with an 11-year history of beach quality sustainability certification, through environmental measures for the protection of water quality, solid waste , coastal infrastructure, biodiversity, safety and services, environmental education and noise pollution,

The first certification granted in the state of Quintana Roo was given on August 10, 2009 by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification AC to the Aventuras DIF beach located in front of the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum hotel, under the national beach quality program. Likewise, the adequate security system was taken into account, including lifeguards, rescue equipment, first aid kits, telephone access to rescue services and information for beach users.

With these measures, Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Resort assumes the responsibility of maintaining the required commitment to cleanliness on the beach and demonstrates that it has the necessary resources to comply with the strict requirements of the program, in addition to adequately using the operational capacity, the coordination of collaborators and the necessary resources to remain at the forefront for the benefit of its visitors.

Later, a round table was held where academia, government and private institutions converged to discuss the new adjustments to the standard that will come out the following year.

The delivery of the renovations was in charge of Lic. Viviana Fernández Camargo, general director of the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification of Sustainable Beaches and Lic. Romina Chang Aguilar, municipal president of Compostela.

On this occasion, Roberto Sánchez, Manager of Sustainability & CSR Mexico, was in charge of receiving this recognition.

“This year we continue to maintain Level II, which implies having more than 90% in the four important axes: Health, Safety, Recycling and Environmental Education. During these years, we have focused on improving relations with our stakeholders, involving all the actors in our value chain, to strengthen our performance and act as a multiplying agent within the tourism industry.

In 2019 we launched our Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, an action project aimed at improving the planning and management of the existing natural capital within our hotels, in order to achieve more integrated, responsible, intelligent and, therefore, sustainable territories. ”

The project is developed in three main areas of action: the socioeconomic environment, the beach-dune system and the aquatic environment. For us, the conservation of biodiversity is positioned as one of our most important lines of action in the environmental area. Numerous projects endorse our commitment to this, developed in most cases with non-profit entities that provide us with the tools and knowledge we need for the success and viability of the actions”. Some of the projects we have developed:

· Conservation of marine resources: Oversee the maintenance of the natural processes of the coastal zone, including the management of turtle populations, the care of the reef and the conservation of the dune.

· Protection of the coral reef 2021 continued to be a different year and the protection actions that were carried out were based on the guidelines of the health contingency caused by COVID-19. This year, research proposals were followed up, laboratory work has been essential to learn more about the marine environment.

· Maintenance of natural areas. Promote the health of existing natural spaces, carrying out work such as the control of invasive species, the management of plant mass, the restoration of spaces and the cleaning of waste.

· Environmental education. Help guests and collaborators of our complexes, as well as students and the local population to become aware of the importance of caring for nature.

The beach where the Rivera Maya hotels are located is known nationally as a place of great importance for the nesting of the Loggerhead Turtle, a species in Danger of Extinction. Precisely for this reason, the Bahia Principe Ecological Foundation was born, in order to work for the conservation of sea turtles that arrive at Playa Aventuras, the name of the beach where the hotels are located.


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