Bariloche closes its winter season with full occupancy

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Bariloche closes its winter season with full occupancy
Source: Axon Latam
October 24, 2022

The iconic city of Patagonia has become an epicenter of visits due to the tourist attractions and activities that it also offers throughout the year

The winter season in San Carlos de Bariloche showed very positive figures for what this season has been. It is that the iconic city of Patagonia has become an epicenter of visits for all the tourist attractions and activities that it offers not only during the winter but also throughout the year.

According to official data and statistics released by the Secretary of Tourism of the city of Rio Negro, the origin of tourists has been 82% national, 16% from neighboring countries and 2% from other places in the world. Visitors stayed in the city an average of 5 nights and the 2022 winter season reached 90% occupancy.

In this regard, the Executive Director of Emprotur, Santiago Díaz Vélez, highlighted that “this winter has been extremely successful. We are very happy with the results they produced this season. It is an honor to be the chosen destination par excellence in the country and we hope that both Argentines and foreigners live a unique experience when visiting Bariloche.”

The official, who was also present at the International Tourism Fair announcing his new position, stated that "The end of the season means an extremely beneficial balance for the city, both commercially and economically, since a constant source of jobs is generated from various sectors such as gastronomy, hotels and recreational activities that can be carried out in Bariloche”.

Another of the conditions that makes Bariloche stand out is that it was the most requested destination during Pre-trip 3. The tourist pre-sale program where Argentines can get 50% back on their expenses to reuse them during the trip, whether in accommodations, flights , excursions, among others; From October 10 to December 5, San Carlos de Bariloche once again occupied the first place, being the favorite for the nationals. It is that the wide variety of options that it offers to carry out all time of activities is extremely tempting.

Being Bariloche the "National Capital of Adventure Tourism" you can enjoy outdoor walks and hikes along marked trails; canopy, rafting, navigate Lake Nahuel Huapi, ride horseback accompanied by a unique landscape, disembark in the Bosques de Arrayanes or visit Los Alerces Waterfall.

Throbbing the arrival of summer, Santiago Díaz Vélez also assures that: “Although in the last summer season we had more than 390,000 people, by 2023 we expect an increase of 15%, which means more than 450,000 people.”


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