Anguilla, much more than sun and beach

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Anguilla, much more than sun and beach
Source: Interamerican
October 25, 2022

The Caribbean destination invites you to a wide variety of activities to spend a vacation full of adventure and adrenaline

Anguilla is much more than a beach, there you can do activities to spend a vacation full of adventure and adrenaline.  

To make this possible, Quest Experiences was founded in 2020, as a way to make adventure more accessible and easily incorporated into the visit of any type of traveler and thus promote the conservation of cultural heritage through adventure. They have developed unique experiences centered on the culture and history of the island. Here we recommend some of them.  

Night Kayak Experience 
The opportunity to kayak at night doesn't come around very often. The crystal clear water of Anguilla makes the experience even more special and adventurous as the kayaks have neon lights in the background that will light your way. Get ready to witness the turtles sleeping on the ocean floor, with the sucker fish being the shadow of the turtles by following their every move. See how lobsters crawl along the bottom looking for shelter. This experience is full of Instagrammable moments, without a doubt, a must that you should not miss! 

Salt Harvesting Experience 
The earliest records of salt harvesting at Road Bay Pond date back to the 1600s. An industry built around the abundance of natural salt in the early 20th century became an important source of income for Anguilla. Learn about the nuances of history and science that lurk below the surface at Road Bay Pond. And, of course, participate in this activity by collecting salt yourself with the same instruments that were used in 1600. 

Katouche Cave and Hiking Trail Hike 
and climb through Katouche, a 32-hectare estate that encompasses one of Anguilla's most diverse life experiences and is often referred to as Anguilla's "rainforest." It is the only place on the island where the trees tower tall and the foliage, which is usually low scrub, grows several times their height. Climb up to Katouche Cave and learn all about the 500-pound rodent that once roamed here. 

Guided Wrangler ATV Experience 
Jumping into a Wrangler (all-terrain car) and traveling the picturesque off-road routes from end to end of Anguilla is an incredible adventure. This experience begins with a sunrise view of the eastern tip of the island and ends around noon, where guests have the option of having lunch. 

Diving experience 
The crystal clear waters are ideal for diving to a depth of 24 meters in the "MV Sarah" shipwreck, one of the many ships sunk to form artificial reefs. Or, navigate the underwater terrain and witness the beauty and tranquility of the underwater world. 


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