Chile promotes more sustainable tourism

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Chile promotes more sustainable tourism
Source: Twitter @subturismo
October 26, 2022

Today a Seminar on Climate Change and Tourism organized by Sernatur, the Undersecretary of Tourism and Sercotec is being held. National and international exhibitors participated

During the seminar, the organizers invite you to learn about successful experiences that have managed to implement practices and mitigation measures in the face of this global phenomenon, which has significant, growing and, in many cases, irreversible effects on economic activities, the population and the ecosystems. This event will measure the carbon footprint.


Maisa Rojas
PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. She served as director of the Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR) 2. She was coordinator of the Scientific Committee for COP25 of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation; She is a member of the COP25 Presidential Advisory Council and a participant in the Chilean delegation to COP26.

Gonzalo Muñoz
Between 2019 and 2021, he served as High Level Climate Action Champion of the COP. He currently chairs the advisory council of the Climate Champions Team at the UN. He co-founded TriCiclos, Polkura, Manuia and Sistema B. He is a board member of the Global Foodbanking Network.

Susanne Etti
Manager of Global Environmental Impact at Intrepid Travel, a travel agency focused on global decarbonization, specifically climate change performance, biodiversity, carbon emissions reporting, and the business transition to a low-emissions economy of carbon. She has a doctorate in natural sciences specializing in climate change and vector-borne diseases.

Mark Minneboo
Founded Plastic Oceans Chile in 2017 and is currently regional director for Latin America since 2020. With his work, he raises awareness about plastic pollution and teaches about solutions to reverse this situation, with a specific focus on the circular economy. In 2022, he organized an expert panel on a global plastics treaty at the UN ocean conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Enrique Cabanilla
Ecuadorian teacher and researcher. He has a master's degree in Tourism Development Management and a doctorate in Geography from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina. His lines of research are related to the territorial development of tourism, business innovation, sustainable tourism destinations, with special emphasis on the development of rural areas.

Kepa Solaun
He is a partner and CEO of Global Factor, a doctor in Economics, a graduate in Philosophy and Law, a master's degree in Environmental Management and a professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Navarra. He advises various international organizations, his professional activity is currently focused on the development of public climate change policies, in the area of ​​economics and climate change, as well as in the adaptation and quantification of impacts, where he has varied experience in the sector. tourism and has presented on this topic at UNWTO.

The event can be viewed online at this link.


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