MGM Resorts, luxury and unique experiences in one place

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MGM Resorts, luxury and unique experiences in one place
Source: MGM Resorts
October 26, 2022

With 39.000 rooms and suites, these resorts have the best technology, shows and service for guests to have an incredible experience.

MGM Resorts are an iconic hotel chain located in Las Vegas. Every resort offers unique experiences to enjoy: shows, spa, casino, fine dining options and pools for example. Whether you choose them to relax or for business, this is one of the best places to stay. We talked with Adolfo Lopez, Director of Global Sales, and this is what he told us:

Could you explain a little bit about it?
Absolutely. Here, in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts we have 14 resorts for guests to enjoy and that puts us just over 39000 rooms and suites. So, a lot of options for anyone to enjoy whether it's 3, 4, 5 stars service that they’re looking for, we have an offer for them. 

How many rooms do you have actually?
Just over 39.000 rooms combined in 14 properties. That includes our newest acquisition, the CosmopolitanVegas, which we are very excited to have in our portfolio in Las Vegas now. 

We can talk about Aria, Vdara and Cosmopolitan. There are three properties in the same place. 
Yes, it's considered one campus. 

About them, they may have an interesting history. I remember when the construction started and you can see how the process came about and what goal they have at this moment?
So, the project was originally called City Center and it was a collaboration with a few partners and MGM Resorts have this vision to bring the best of the best to Las Vegas strip. And these properties, specifically Aria and Bdara, we opened in 2009. The buildings were designed by world renowned architects, Pelli Clarke Pelli, they did a lot of wonderful constructions and designs. I believe they are from Southamerica. So, we wanted to bring world class dining to the Las Vegas strip, five-stars service and the most advanced technology in our rooms. We did accomplish that in both properties, specifically here in Aria we continue to accomplish that and by winning awards such as the AAA Five Diamond. 

They are also luxury hotels, no? 
We have clients from all around the world and they come from every market you can imagine. They would be from business travelers to tourists. All these travelers are coming, whether there's a convention or they are coming for a special occasion, a birthday, anniversary or they're just on vacation. 

It's a time to enjoy
Exactly, it's something for everybody to enjoy. We care about everyone, we have excellent service, we have world class restaurants and we have great entertainment for guests to enjoy as well. 

Can you describe the offering proposal to tourism including accommodation, amenities?
Specifically, we have a wide range of accommodation. We have very luxurious hotel rooms, we also offer the Tower Suites here at Aria and we have the recently remodeled Sky Suites, which is a hotel in a hotel and has its own check in area and an elevator experience for guests to enjoy. In the Sky Suite we also have larger suites with the most advanced technology. It's very exclusive. The Sky Suite and the Tower Suite are available for everyone to enjoy. 

Talking about the number of visitors, how the year has been for you and what vision you have for 2023?
This has been an incredible year, there was such a pent-up demand for travel around the world. And since we reopened the hotels, everyone was there for us. They continue to come, they still continue to come and I believe they will continue in the future to come in 2023 because next year it's probably one of the most exciting years for us. It's an exciting city and it's gonna scale to even more exciting. We have the introduction of Formula One coming in november of 2023 and we have become such a sports destination and what better than people love sports, people love Las Vegas and we have it all here now. Sports is a huge staple here and that really shows what the introduction of F1 coming to the city. So, 2023 it's gonna be a great year and, beyond that, 2024 would be much better because we are going to be hosting the Superbowl. 

How do you work to ensource to always have excellent service?
It's a really important service to MGM Resorts and the company and the employees are committed to provide the service that our guests are expecting. We do that with multiple training. Every employee, whether you're guest facing or not, you're gonna have a similar type of training to provide that service. We're the biggest employer in Las Vegas and our properties are continually recognized by Forbes, the global guide on service excellence.

The pandemic affected Las Vegas, but today is recovering and can grow strongly. What's your vision about it?
There was a pent-up demand and it still continues to be pent-up demand for travel. After a couple of years of people being isolated at home or not being able to travel because travel's regulations that were implemented. For all of that, travelers are starting to look for curated experiences, they don't wanna just get back to travel, they want meaningful travel, creative experiences with their friends, family. And also they're looking for travels that are smart and we have programs for different types of visiting and we have everything that would help to create those memories for guests. 

For the near future, three year, MGM has new projects coming to Las Vegas?
Proper Eats will be opening in December and that's gonna be our food hall and for guests to enjoy different options. We really wanna replicate any type of cuisine that we were already offering in any restaurant. Want it to be new, fresh and unique for our guest to experience. Additionally, we have tons of entertainment for guests to enjoy just next door. Park MGM is inside the Dolby Live Theater and guests can enjoy unique experiences from exceptional shows for the entire family to top-name artist residencies like Lady Gaga, Aerosmith and Bruno Mars. We just announced Maroon 5 and everybody is excited for it. On the other side, we have the Cosmopolitan which also has a fantastic show room with great concerts. 

High technology is everywhere, no?
We have the most advanced technologies in the room. Guests have a tablet that they can use to open their shades, turn on the television, turn off the lights. Everything is at the tip of their fingers.


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