Las Vegas continues to innovate thinking in the future

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Las Vegas continues to innovate thinking in the future
Molly Castano - Fernando Hurtado, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
Source: Travel2latan
October 28, 2022

Despite the challenges posed by the tourism market, the city has continued to invest in order to always have an unbeatable offer

Las Vegas is the twenty-fifth most populous city in the United States and the most populous in the state of Nevada. It is one of the top three destinations in the United States for business conventions and a world leader in the hospitality industry. Even so, the public and private sectors have come together in times of pandemic to innovate and continue to surprise the entire world with better infrastructure and entertainment. To find out the details, we exclusively interviewed Fernando Hurtado, Senior Director of Global Sales of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. We share his responses below:

Las Vegas has undergone a huge metamorphosis in recent years, what is the idea you are working on?
During the health crisis we have had the Las Vegas Strip completely closed for two months, at that time the hotel and government leaders came together to make a plan and work on reopening, after the pandemic what happened was that the construction started to resurface again construction continued on several hotels. We have had openings between December 2020 and the summer of 2021, we have also expanded and remodeled the convention center

How do you describe the MICE situation in Las Vegas?
The MICE Las Vegas area is currently having a very good time. We have worked hard and they really choose us once again because there is no place in the world like it. You can come to do business during the day and then at night enjoy a unique entertainment and gastronomy offer. Even enjoying shows by great world-class artists. We always seek to be at the forefront to surprise.

What are the short and medium term plans?
We are working to improve transportation in Las Vegas, primarily around hotels. We have a monorail that connects the Strip very well, today it has seven stations, but it will be expanding because the private sector has shown a lot of interest. The idea is to have 55 stations between hotels and attractions including the stadium.

Las Vegas will host major sporting events with high media impact, what can you tell us about it?
We are going to have a Formula 1 Grand Prix, it will be a street circuit on the Strip, beyond the number of visitors that we are going to receive, it will be a great showcase for the city. The layout of the track that will run through the main icons of the city is already being worked on. The confirmed date is November 18-20, 2023. In fact, on November 5 of this year, we will have an event on the Strip where the teams will come to make a presentation of the Grand Prix with the cars that will tour the city.
Another great novelty is that in February 2024 we will host the Super Bowl, an event that is gaining ground worldwide.


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