RIU Hotels increases its social and environmental investment in Mexico

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RIU Hotels increases its social and environmental investment in Mexico
Source: RIU hotel
November 08, 2022

In the framework of its 25th anniversary in the country, Cadeia announces that it will increase its investment in Nayarit, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur and Guadalajara in order to consolidate its CSR model in the Mexican Caribbean

RIU Hotels & Resorts announced the investment of more than USD 800,000 in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in Mexico until 2023. These investments, included in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the hotel chain in the Republic, did not only increase in numbers in the area of influence, once the hotel chain is committed to contributing to the sustainable development in all the communities in which it operates. Therefore, in addition to continuing to support the projects that already exist in Quintana Roo, now it will also allocate resources for social and environmental projects in the Pacific states in which it is present: Nayarit, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur and Jalisco.

Image of two Play Centers subsidized by RIU in Quintana Roo.

In Nayarit, where three of its properties are located, RIU will support a total of five projects. In terms of biodiversity, it will collaborate with the Conservation of Marvelous Species of Bahía de Banderas AC (CEMBAB) in the conservation and rescue of the military green macaw and with Alianza Jaguar AC for the conservation of this animal. Além disso, will work with Ecologia e Conservação de Baleias AC (ECOBAC) to support or rescue emaciated baleias and train tour operators. The collaboration with this organization will also take place in Baja California Sur and Mazatlán.

In Nayarit, the health and childhood projects, the focus of RIU da RIU's action, will also be supported. Assim, will collaborate with organizations such as Asociación Femenil Vallertense AC (AFV), which will provide daily rates for childhood cancer treatment to low-income families that need to move to Guadalajara to receive medical care. It will also work with the Foundation for People with Down Syndrome AC to contribute to the professional training of people with this condition in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, or that will allow self-employment and greater labor and social inclusion for the beneficiaries.

The Aitana Foundation was one of the first organizations with which RIU signed an alliance in Mexico.

In Baja California Sur, RIU will collaborate with three organizations that seek to facilitate or access children's children to different means of health: Los Cabos Children's Foundation AC, Los Niños del Capitán AC and Amigos de los Niños AC. He will also work with Yo Reciclo AC, an organization responsible for the conservation of natural areas.

In Mazatlan, RIU will finance two projects to support men and women. On the one hand, in educational questões, it will work side by side with PRO-EDUCA SINALOA IAP, while in health questões it will collaborate with Back2Back México AC, charging or paying for medicines and medical expenses for two users of the “12 Pedras” Multiple Resource Center.

RIU collaborates with Oceanus to help care for and protect the coral in Quintana Roo.

In Guadalajara, Jalisco, the network will support two lines of action: biodiversity and childhood. First, through a collaboration with the Urban Forest, which will activate the largest possible number of nurseries located in Guadalajara, next to the Spring Forest, with the objective of producing 20,000 trees. Second, in cooperation with the AC Foundations Corporation to improve the educational quality of public schools, financing some two educational programs.

In this way, RIU Hotels will be supporting different social and environmental actions in all the states of the country where it is present. All of these projects are part of existing collaborations in the Mexican Caribbean, such as those carried out in recent years with the Aitana Foundation, Oceanus, Save The Children or Dr Sonrisas, among others.


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