Costa Cruises will broadcast the Qatar World Cup 2022

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Costa Cruises will broadcast the Qatar World Cup 2022
Source: Costa Cruceros
November 08, 2022

During the cruises of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, United Arab Emirates, South America and transatlânticos da Costa, guests will be able to attend all the games of the competition in real time, even during the trip.

The ships of Costa Cruises will broadcast live the games of the next World Cup to be played in Qatar, from November 20 to December 18, by meio do Sport 24, an on-board sports channel.

Regardless of where we are sailing at the moment - Mediterranean, Caribbean, United Arab Emirates, South America or transatlantic cruises - guests of the Italian company will not miss a minute of scheduled departures, even not the least of the navigation, thanks to satellite transmission with wide coverage between the two hemispheres. The games will be freely available both on the webs of the common areas of the two ships, and on the televisions of the cabins.

The Costa Toscana chef-car will broadcast the first games of the Western Mediterranean at the end of November, when it will depart for Dubai in a marvelous 20-day cruise. The matches of the World Cup final will be available during the first two cruises of a week for the United Arab Emirates and Oma, including long stops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. The Costa Smeralda will visit Italy, France and Spain weekly during the World Cup period, while the Costa Deliziosa will offer one-week cruises to Greece, Croatia and Montenegro, departing from Bari and Trieste.

Costa Fascinosa will offer a 10-day cruise to Lisbon, an 11-day cruise to Morocco and a non-Mediterranean mini-cruise. For its time, Costa Pacifica will offer non-Mediterranean mini-cruises. Later, at the beginning of December, the two ships will leave Europe for the Caribbean, with transatlantic cruises of 14 and 16 days, visiting two continents in a single fair.

Costa Favolosa, Costa Fortuna and Costa Firenze left for Italy, on November 18, 20 and 28, bound for Brazil and Argentina, where they will remain positioned throughout the season, including the World Cup finals.

In addition to attending the World Cup, the passengers of two Costa ships can enjoy unique experiences on board and on land. The offer of excursions has been completely renewed so that guests can discover each destination in a more authentic way, partly thanks to long stopovers. It also expands the gastronomic offer, purchases made by three great chefs such as Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze and Ángel León, who reinterpret the flavors of two destinations included in our roteiros. The entertainment on board, with fantastic live shows, music and parties, will be characterized according to the destinations to always offer a local touch. Além disso, there will be special activities dedicated exclusively to the World Cup.



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