Ilhabela reinforces promotion in Argentina

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Ilhabela reinforces promotion in Argentina
November 09, 2022

Attentive to the news of the international tourism market, the Municipality of Ilhabela has been participating since November 8, in Gol roadshow, in Argentina

Aware of new developments in the international tourism market, the Municipality of Ilhabela has been participating since November 8, in Gol roadshow, in Argentina, presenting the destination to approximately 350 travel agents from four different cities. The event runs until the 10th of this month.

Gol's expectation is a considerable increase in tourist flow, with this, the airline has expanded its international flights, especially those connecting Argentina to our country. There will now be direct flights from Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba and Rosario to Guarulhos, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, Salvador, Maceió, Recife, João Pessoa, Natal and Fortaleza.

“São Paulo is the most visited state by Argentines. With the increase in the offer of direct flights, it is strategic to be able to introduce yourself to travel agents in Argentina. We took the lead by participating in this roadshow, bringing information so that Argentine tourism professionals can sell our city”, comments the Mayor of Ilhabela, Toninho Colucci, emphasizing the importance of following the movements of the tourism market.

The organizers of the event emphasize that Brazil is the main destination for Argentine tourists. Argentina remains in first place in the general ranking of foreign arrivals to Brazil for several consecutive years. Visit Brazil Committee operators estimate that in 2023, Argentine tourists will seek destinations related to nature, but Sol e Praia will remain in first place. Argentines travel a lot as a family and have an average daily expenditure of US$72 on business tourism and US$42 on leisure travel.

For the Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism of Ilhabela, Luciane Leite, the increase in direct flights is quite positive: “We understand that short and medium-haul trips will still prevail, and the Argentine cities where the roadshow will pass are only 3 flight hours from Guarulhos International Airport. It is an opportunity for both leisure and corporate tourism, we will show all the charms of the archipelago and make them understand how close we are, so that they can choose Ilhabela as their next destination”.


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