Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil will launch a campaign to attract tourists

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 Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil will launch a campaign to attract tourists
Source: Rodrigo Rodrigues/Cámara Árabe
November 14, 2022


Focusing on Dubai and Lusail, Brazil will use the World Cup to publicize its tourist attractions to the Arab public and international visitors

The Brazilian Agency for the International Promotion of Tourism, EMBRATUR, announced that it will carry out publicity actions during the Soccer World Cup that begins this November 20 in Qatar. The promotional pieces will be displayed in the city of Lusail, where the largest of the stadiums built for the tournament was built, and which will host the matches of the Brazilian National Team during the first round of the competition.

The campaign will consist of the placement of two mega towers, four giant screens and 14 digital billboards around the Lusail Stadium. "Qatar expects to receive about 1.2 million foreign tourists in four weeks and Brazil will be close to them; our forecast is to reach about 300 million hits during the World Cup," said the president of EMBRATUR, Silvio Nascimento. "I am sure that with the exposure of our attractions we are going to stimulate the arrival of international tourists to Brazil," added the official. The advertising pieces will invite soccer fans to visit a "champion destination" and will focus on promoting the sun and beach, nature and adventure destinations of the largest country in South America.

The city of Lusail will host some of the most anticipated matches of the tournament, such as the group stage with Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico and Saudi Arabia, as well as the knockout rounds and the grand final. Lusail Stadium is the largest in Qatar, with a capacity of 80,000 spectators.

As a complement, the Brazilian agency will also carry out promotional actions in Dubai, about 700 km from Qatar. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a traditional tourist destination in the region, known for its extensive infrastructure of hotels and services, and it will be one of the cities where tourists who come to enjoy the World Cup will stay.

EMBRATUR's initiative in Dubai will include the display of advertising pieces at the international airport -an important aviation hub in the Middle East- and inserts on the elevator screens of the city's most famous skyscrapers. He will also produce a special video piece for Google, which will be broadcast on YouTube from Qatar and Dubai.


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