Bolivarian Airports joined ACI-LAC

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Bolivarian Airports joined ACI-LAC
Source: Facebook @AirportsCouncilInternational
November 18, 2022

Thus, it consolidated its commitment to improve the development and promote the growth of the country's airport structure

Bolivarian Airports (BAER SA), a government company in charge of managing all the airports located within Venezuelan territory, recently became a new airport member of ACI-LAC, thus consolidating its commitment to improve development and promote the growth of the country's airport structure.

Leonardo Briceño Dudamel, president of Bolivarian Airports, said he was pleased to become a member of ACI-LAC, and highlighted the interest of the organization he leads in exchanging experiences with other operators and authorities in the airport sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. "We are very happy to be members of ACI-LAC and to receive their support to contribute effectively to the industrial and commercial development of the country, in airport management, opening of new commercial routes, facilitation and quality of service, complying with the world standards and recommended methods.

For his part, Dr. Rafael Echevarne, General Director of ACI-LAC expressed his satisfaction at having Bolivariana de Aeropuertos among its members, and assured that the entry of BAER SA to the list of member airports is a sign of the interest of the countries of the region for exchanging experiences that help improve, transform and strengthen the airport industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bolivarian Airports is a company in charge of managing the operation of 31 airports in Venezuela, 14 controlled and 17 uncontrolled, distributed throughout the entire Venezuelan territory. In addition, it has a staff of 2,548 workers who work in the development, improvement and administration of the country's airport infrastructure.


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