FIFA World Cup boosts connectivity in the Middle East

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 FIFA World Cup boosts connectivity in the Middle East
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November 18, 2022

The effects of this event on incoming air connectivity are highly relevant for all destinations in the Middle East

Mabrian Technologies, a leading tourism intelligence provider, conducted a study on the impact of the FIFA World Cup on air connectivity in Qatar. It was expected that the number of entry flights to Qatar airports would increase with the presence of soccer players during the event. However, the study reveals that the neighboring countries of Qatar are suffering an even greater impact. 

According to the two-way flight schedules as of November 8, the number of two-way flight seats to Qatar will increase by 25% during the World Cup commemorations. Isso means 400,000 additional seats during this period, compared to last year. 

However, the impact on air connectivity will be proportionally much greater for other countries in the Middle East. O Kuwait will see its air capacity increased by 53%, while the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will have an increase of 46% and 43%, respectively, in this period. 

As a result, 14.6 million incoming air seats are scheduled for this region during the event. 

Another effect of the tournament that stands out in this analysis is the effect on internal air connectivity in the Middle East region. Mobility between Qatar and its neighboring countries will increase substantially during this period. In fact, 47% of the new arrivals received by Qatar in the period are from Saudi Arabia (30%), the United Arab Emirates (11%) and Kuwait (6%). Not total, 188,000 extra seats for regional air connectivity in the Middle East. 

The FIFA World Cup is destined to be a watershed for tourism in Qatar and its effects will be for the entire region of the Middle East, making it more known and connected. 


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