ANATO continues to support the development of emerging destinations

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ANATO continues to support the development of emerging destinations
Paula Cortés Calle, ANATO
Source: ANATO
November 21, 2022

It was at the Third National Meeting of Receptive Tourism in Yopal, Casanare

One of the biggest bets in which the National Government has been working has been the promotion of emerging destinations in Colombia, those places whose attractions still need to be known to Colombians, and that today more than ever, require orientation in the structuring of its tourist offer and relationship with national businessmen, as well as the training of their businessmen. It was in this way that the Association opened the doors to Yopal for the third version of the National Meeting of Receptive Tourism of ANATO that brought together about 200 actors.

“From the union, we have tried to ensure that ANATO's flagship events reach new national destinations, and in this way, help promote their attractions. This, together with the training of businessmen and local authorities, which allows these places to improve their positioning strategies as tourist destinations”, said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

Salomón Sanabria, governor of Casanare, was present as part of the event, who made known the tourist potential of the region: “We traced a route framed in making the plains visible and we managed to recognize our department within the liberating party. This departmental government has understood that tourism is not developed by a mayor or a governor, but by the businessman. Tourism is an important line for the development of our territory. Before, there was no such vision, but today we are working to materialize it through different strategies.”

For his part, Arturo Bravo, Vice Minister of Tourism, highlighted the new trends in the travel industry with regard to sustainability: "We see that there is currently a focus on slow tourism, on quiet places, on fragmenting vacations and traveling in different times of the year. People are more aware of the contribution of tourism to climate change and request an offer based on sustainable services”.

Likewise, and in line with this, Gilberto Salcedo, Vice President of Tourism at ProColombia, highlighted the importance of sustainability in non-traditional destinations as a purpose to allow other regions to emerge. Sustainability is present in the tourist offer of specialized niches such as cultural, community, nature and adventure tourism.

During the Third National Meeting of Receptive Tourism of ANATO, the panel was held: Community tourism as an alternative for development in destinations, where leaders of this segment made known the importance of linking cultural and human resources with the wealth that It is held in the different regions of Colombia so that, jointly, the community and local entities work to strengthen tourism in destinations with a tourist vocation.

Finally, the president of ANATO, pointed out that training continues to be one of the commitments of the union, sharing knowledge is the best way to expose the wealth of what tourism represents: "More and more people demand different experiences, which that generates value to this type of space, where it becomes an opportunity to show a portfolio of unique experiences in different segments, and narrated by experts”.


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