Costa Rica activates its global marketing strategy

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Costa Rica activates its global marketing strategy
Source: ICT
November 22, 2022

The Soccer World Cup strategy includes actions in Germany, Spain, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Costa Rica

A few hours before the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Costa Rica has already taken to the field a few days ago and promotes itself as the ideal vacation destination with multiple alternatives for visitors, thanks to the activation of a marketing strategy in the main tourist issuing markets that will take advantage of the presence of "La Sele" in the most important sporting event on the planet.
Although the task has been challenging due to the late classification of the National Soccer Team, after the victory against New Zealand that confirmed the national presence in the World Cup event in mid-June, the ICT Marketing Department started the engines at its maximum power for the development of a marketing strategy focused on the main issuing markets and taking advantage of the fact that Costa Rica shares the same group with Spain and Germany, two of the main issuing markets of European tourists to our country.
Said strategy will be focused mainly on strategic digital media with broadcast rights to the World Cup in countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, as well as Spain and Germany. In addition, supported negotiations were carried out with the advertising and public relations agencies that provide services to the ICT in North America and Europe, this to complement the presence in programs or media with a wide-ranging sports focus, as well as the realization of activations, contests and alliances with wholesalers that promote the destination in the context of the expected World Cup event.
As Carolina Trejos, marketing director of the ICT, explains, "Costa Rica's participation in the Soccer World Cup is a showcase to show the world, and especially our main source markets, the multiple tourist attractions that our country offers and, before everything, how we are benchmarks in sustainability, nature, outdoor activities in an environment that generates unique and unrepeatable experiences, without a doubt, the ideal destination for future travelers who want to reconnect with what is truly essential."
Mundialist Marketing
The actions that are part of the World Cup market strategy officially began a few days ago, for example, among the actions generated by the ICT in Spain, a video of the country stood out in the popular Spanish sports program "El Chiringuito de Jugones", this as part of the tactic “Enjoy football and pura vida”. This 45-second space was on the air from Sunday to Thursday from October 15 to November 15.
In that section, a video was shown in the background with the natural beauties of Costa Rica, while guests were invited to book a trip to our country with the agencies B Travel, Halcón Viajes and Catai and thus participate in the raffle for two trips for two people. and a companion to national soil, as well as in the raffle for 10 double tickets to the Costa Rica-Spain match, in Qatar, on November 23, at the Al Thumama Stadium, Doha.
Added to this, among those who book a trip or vacation package with the Iberojet airline to Costa Rica, they will participate in the raffle for 50 double tickets to the Pura Vida Fan Zone in Madrid for the day of the game between Ticos and Spaniards on November 23. Complementarily, that same day of the "Tico debut" against Spain, the "Fan Zone Pura Vida" will be installed for three hours in the La Liga sports bar, on La Gran Vía in Madrid, for 200 guests from the press, influencers, professionals from tourism and ICT partners to watch the game and enjoy food, drinks, promotional items, screens and consoles to play Play Station.
In Germany, specifically in the German cities of Frankfurt, Sttugart, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, on November 25 and 26, a large screen with images of Costa Rica, located in the back of a car, will tour the busiest routes in each area with the aim of making passers-by yearn to visit, for example, the Costa Rican beaches that they will see in the video.
For its part, for the December 1 game between Costa Rica and Germany, there will also be a fan zone in the Radio Frankfurt studio, located on the 27th floor of the Skyline Studios tower, with traditional food and drinks from both countries, A trip for two people to Costa Rica will be raffled off and a former player from the German national team will be a guest and commentator.
Together with the above, and on almost a thousand screens located in 872 bars and restaurants in different German cities, a promotional video about Costa Rica will be shown inviting visitors to visit the country and postcards will be delivered with images of Costa Rican beaches and volcanoes so that customers can fill them out and Participate in the raffle for the trip to Costa Rica.
Likewise, as of November 20 in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Mexico, geo-referenced digital advertising will be carried out with programmatic in digital media, search engines and digital TV with the presence of an exclusive promotional commercial from Costa Rica of the World Cup.

In parallel, advertising will be carried out on the official social networks of Visit Costa Rica on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Tik Tok. In addition, an information platform will be used for emailings to our existing database and on our Visit Costa Rica website there will be web personalization, which in a geo-referenced way will guide potential tourists who navigate and arrive at the site, since either organically or through referrals from other media, in which the pattern will be maintained at the digital level. This World Cup audiovisual that invites you to visit and enjoy the most outstanding attractions of Costa Rica will also be shown on television channel programs such as a video about Costa Rica on television channels such as TV Azteca, Fox Sports, the FIFA Mobile App ( video tremor).
In Europe there will also be a presence in other media and digital channels with exclusive broadcast rights such as Media Pro Canal Mundial ("Internal Moments" section and in 64 matches), Gol TV,, La Liga Santander in Spain, as well like on ARD in Germany, ITV in England, during the game against the USA, all with exclusive broadcast rights.
Finally, at the national level and as part of the strategy, an advertising campaign will be carried out with a World Cup focus of "Vamos a Turistear" entitled: "Football comes from Costa Rica".

Also during the World Cup season in Qatar, billboards will be placed that complement the messages with the presence of some players from the National Soccer Team and that will be placed on Route 27, General Cañas, La Uruca, Tibás, and Y highways. Greek, Lindora and Belén, always inviting all Costa Rican football fans and lovers of the beauties of their country to visit.
This phase of the ICT World Cup marketing strategy also includes the generation of content for an audiovisual series for social networks entitled "Our World Costa Rica", in which the players Celso Borges, Joel Campbell, Anthony Contreras and Brandon Aguilera invite you to discover to Costa Ricans the “tourist jewels” of the seven provinces.
In addition, the preparation of a "Mundialista traveler kit" stands out, which includes a kit, a traveler's briefcase, a temporary tattoo with the face of an ocelot and a sloth, instructions for its placement and a manual on how to reduce the footprint. of carbon if you travel to Qatar. The ICT, with the support of the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER), delivered 500 units to fans who, with tickets in hand, go to support Costa Rica in Qatar.
“We feel very proud to have a wide presence in different media and platforms with strategic actions in a sporting event that will be seen, according to FIFA estimates, by more than five billion people around the world. This opportunity is presented every four years and is enhanced by the presence of Costa Rica, allowing the promotion of our country for the start of the high season, generating the attraction of more tourists or promoting national tourism, undoubtedly bringing economic benefits to the communities,” concluded Trejos.


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