FITUR 2023 promotes the tourism market niche with FITUR Sports

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FITUR 2023 promotes the tourism market niche with FITUR Sports
Source: FITUR
November 22, 2022

The monographic space will focus on sports tourism, one of the fastest growing tourism products worldwide

FITUR, the International Tourism Fair, which, organized by IFEMA MADRID, celebrates its next edition from 18 to 22, launches the new monographic section FITUR Sports, which will deal with one of the fastest growing tourism products worldwide: sports tourism in all its facets. The new space, organized in collaboration with the Spanish association of the sports industry Afydad, responds to FITUR's ongoing concern for equipping itself with new tools and platforms that contribute to further promoting the relaunch of a tourism industry that fundamentally focuses its development and expansion in a growing specialization and segmentation of the offer.

FITUR Sports, which will show how sports tourism is a driver of sustainable growth for the tourism industry, will be the meeting point between the two to highlight the potential of this socio-economic development lever, analyze its challenges, share knowledge and generate business opportunities . All of this in line with FITUR's objective of continuing to deepen its role as a benchmark and promoter of the tourism sector, deepening the knowledge and dissemination of the main market niches and business segments with the most future within the global tourism industry.

Thus, FITUR Sports will complete the other 9 monographic sections already present at FITUR, linked to tourist typologies, market segments and the dissemination of knowledge (Mice, Know-how&Export, TechY, Talent, LGBT+, Lingua, Screen, Woman and Cruises ), which will make it possible for the entire ecosystem of the tourism industry to come together at the fair.

Sports tourism in all its facets

FITUR Sports, which will hold the I FITUR Sports Tourism Summit, on January 19, 2023, will address sports tourism in all its facets: sporting events, training camps, sports holidays... The new section, which will feature a knowledge day and a networking space, will analyze in this first edition the events of great participation (marathons, trail races, triathlons, cycling marches, amateur tournaments...), and national and local events. In addition, it will focus on training camps (training stays for professional and amateur teams); and in sports holidays (trips with sports motivation without competitive ambition related to golf, skiing, cycling, tennis, active tourism)

International sporting events for the general public (F1, Champions League, LaLiga, Tennis, Basket...) will be the focus of the second edition.

This first edition focuses on active sports tourism. Among the contents that will be discussed at FITUR Sports, there is sports tourism as a motor for territorial, economic and social development; sports tourism and sustainability; sports tourism, innovation, technology; the marketing and commercialization of sports tourism; and the synergies and opportunities between the tourism and sports sectors. In addition, it will be verified how sporting events and tourism for sports and physical exercise allow us to respond to the global challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In recent years, sports tourism has significantly increased its importance for both destinations and companies, because it helps to deseasonalize the season; promotes territorial development in non-tourist or urban environments; generates image and brand and positions destinations internationally; and, furthermore, it has a visitor profile with a higher than average level of spending.

Sports tourism in Spain generated spending of 2,416 million euros in 2021, 36.8% more than the previous year, although the figure reached 7,151 million before the pandemic, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). , so its boost and relaunch potential is still very important.

AFYDAD, Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sporting Goods, is a non-profit professional association, founded in 1968, whose objective is to promote the competitiveness of companies in the sports sector through an offer of specialized services and represent the interests common in the sector both nationally and internationally.


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