Anguilla, a turquoise blue paradise

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Anguilla, a turquoise blue paradise
Source: Interamerican
November 23, 2022

The Caribbean destination maintains a characteristic that has become difficult to find around the world and this is exclusivity

If you like quiet and exclusive places, Anguilla is the best option. Unlike Puerto Rico and San Martín, Anguilla maintains a characteristic that has become difficult to find around the world and that is exclusivity. The island has fewer tourists than other destinations, which makes it perfect for exploring and enjoying every moment and experience offered by its 33 white, powdery sand beaches. We recommend you visit several beaches during your visit and thus choose the most beautiful, a really difficult task, since many of them have been cataloged among the most beautiful in the world by specialized publications and popular voting.  

Now the time is coming where gratitude is the key to peace and joy. Anguilla's sea is always between 21ºC and 26ºC, making it one of the most beautiful and clearest in the region. You can enjoy different shades of blue, which vary depending on the brightness and the place from which you look. It is such an impressive and relaxing natural spectacle that it is a guarantee of days of much contemplation and charm.  

At the same time, the sea offers endless possibilities that you can enjoy as a family, from kayaking in the caves, a catamaran trip, paddle boarding, snorkeling, a romantic dinner and why not even a relaxing massage by the sea. Undoubtedly, Anguilla is a paradise for those people who enjoy sharing impressive photos on their social networks, so prepare yourself because at each step you will find something worth sharing. 


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