The Costa Rica National Team shows the tourist jewels

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The Costa Rica National Team shows the tourist jewels
Source: ICT
November 23, 2022

ICT developed audiovisual content with the presence of four players from the National Soccer Team as part of the "Our World Costa Rica" tactic, which seeks to publicize the tourist beauties of our seven provinces

Making the most of the pride that Costa Rica's participation in the World Cup generates among all Costa Ricans and publicizing the beauties of our provinces are part of the objectives that motivated the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) to produce seven audiovisuals that will have the players Joel Campbell, Celso Borges, Anthony Contreras and Brandon Aguilera as protagonists, this as part of the “Our World Costa Rica” tactic.
Precisely, it is a series of video content that shows the jewels of each province with which we will play our World Cup, but tourism. At the beginning of each one of the seven deliveries, one of the soccer players called answers a brief questionnaire about his gastronomic, cultural and tourist experiences lived in the provinces that were designated for him and then, with his own voice, invite tourists to know the sites that are displayed in the video material of each place.
“In this World Cup party we want some players from the home team, our ambassadors in Qatar during these days, to take us to discover the tourist jewels that make Costa Rica one of the most liked destinations in the world and the pride that this represents for them. and for all Costa Ricans,” said Carolina Trejos, ICT marketing director.
With this audiovisual series, Ticos are invited to discover the tourist jewels of the seven provinces during this end of the year and all subsequent months. Precisely, in each video, each province presents itself with a phrase that summarizes in one minute part of the vast wealth of Guanacaste, Limón, Puntarenas, Cartago, Heredia, Alajuela and San José.
Anthony Contreras, Club Sport Herediano and Tricolor player, had the pleasure of speaking about the province of flowers.
“I am very grateful for being able to tell you beautiful things about Heredia and the beauty that we have in Costa Rica. We have mountains, green areas, nature, beaches, animals, and typical foods that I would recommend to any foreigner visiting the country,” said Contreras, who defines himself as a lover of gallo pinto.

For his part, midfielder Brandon Aguilera enjoyed the opportunity to talk about Costa Rica and pointed out what he would do to invite foreigners to travel here.
“You don't have to tell people anything to make them come to Costa Rica, just show them photos so they know what they're going to find. We have unique things, in each province you can find everything; we are a unique country”, he added and suggested traveling to Guanacaste to have achiotada chicken for lunch, drink coffee with a webbed tortilla and then watch the sunset on any beach in this beautiful province.
Joel Campbell was responsible for answering questions about the provinces of Cartago and Puntarenas.
“Costa Rica is the country that I love, the country where I enjoy living and coming on vacation because I play abroad (in Mexico). A foreigner could speak wonders of what Costa Rica is, what Puntarenas is, what Cartago and the other provinces are; I think it is a beautiful country to visit”, said the striker.
If it were up to him to advise a teammate to hike in Costa Rica, Joel would recommend that if you like the mountains, visit Monteverde, but if you are a beach lover, travel to Guanacaste, Limón or Puntarenas. As for gastronomy, he recommends gallo pinto for breakfast and rice and beans for lunch.
Costa Rica on the skin
Along with the audiovisual material, the ICT designed a series of temporary tattoos that represent tourism in Costa Rica, specifically, a sloth and an ocelot with the words "Pura Vida" and "Costa Rica" that were shared with more of 500 Ticos who traveled to Qatar, who were also given a "Mundialista chonette" to live the effervescence of the World Cup event and feel more pride for our country.
Even the player Celso Borges will have Costa Rica tattooed on his skin and will carry a temporary tattoo on his left arm with the figure of a turtle on a surfboard, due to the soccer player's taste for the beach; next to the words “Pura Vida” and “Costa Rica”. Borges will carry his tattoo on his left arm during his stay in Qatar and he even had it on since the beginning of the trip to the Middle East.
“My country is something that I feel very proud of, it is something that I take with me wherever I am. When I talk about Costa Rica, people are super curious about the destination and it fills me with great pride to be able to talk about all the wonders we have," the flyer mentioned.
Borges commented that what he missed most about our country when he lived abroad was the closeness of the transfers from one place to another, since here in an hour you can be on a beach, in an hour and a half you can be enjoying a canopy or at another time you can be eating native food from the provinces, elements that make the experience of visiting Costa Rica memorable and therefore invites foreigners to live a different and unique experience here.


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