BestDay fulfills the wish of a Mexican child

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BestDay fulfills the wish of a Mexican child
Thu December 27, 2018

Julián Balbuena, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the tourism company said: "For us it is an honor to collaborate with Make-A-Wish Mexico in such a praiseworthy and positive work for our society"


BestDay, the most important online travel agency in Mexico and one of the most important in Latin America, fulfilled the dream of an eight year old Mexican boy, under medical treatment for cystic fibrosis, who wanted to know the snow.
BestDay coordinated this initiative with the Make-A-Wish Mexico Foundation, the destination Whistler, Canada and the Mexican influencer Estefanía Ahumada.
"For BestDay it is an honor to collaborate with Make-A-Wish Mexico in such a praiseworthy and positive work for our society. This is the second time we collaborate with this foundation, fulfilling the wish of a child. The previous occasion, we fulfilled the wish of a boy of 17 years, who wanted to know the sea, taking it to Playa Balandra, in Baja California Sur. This time, we also invited the fate of Whistler in Canada and Estefanía Ahumada - actress and influencer - to make Franco's wish come true, who longed to know the snow, "said Julián Balbuena, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Best Day Travel Group .
The successful campaign of 2017 " Wishes" in which the wish of 10 people was fulfilled during the Christmas season, unleashed the initiative in 2018, to change the life of the child Franco, in collaboration with Make-A-Wish Mexico .
"We are very happy to collaborate with BestDay to make Franco's greatest wish come true, we know that the power of wishes fulfilled not only brings hope to the lives of every child diagnosed and their family, but it can be crucial for speed up your recovery With great alliances, like this one, we can transform more lives, with one desire at a time, "said Gilles Vignal, Managing Director of Make-A-Wish Mexico.
Best Day and Make-A-Wish Mexico invited the Canadian destination of Whistlera to participate in this initiative, developing a plan of activities, stay and food, so that the wish of Franco, in the company of his mother, who enjoyed this destination, was fulfilled for four unforgettable days.
The actress and influencer Estefanía Ahumada accepted, with pleasure, the proposal of BestDay to collaborate with Make-A-Wish and fulfill this desire, serving as a companion and translator for Franco and his mother, during the trip to the Canadian snow destination. "The only thing I thought about was seeing Franco's face while his wish was fulfilled. I'm super excited to have lived this experience, "said Estefanía.
Whistler is one of the most important destinations in the world to practice skiing on snow, snowboarding, golf and mountain biking. It is located in the Coastal Mountains of Canada, north of Vancouver, in British Columbia and has more than three thousand hectares of snow covered land and an average snow density of 11.7 meters per year.
Make-A-Wish Mexico has the philosophy of changing lives, fulfilling the wishes of children with critical illnesses, because they affirm that when a wish comes true, it brings strength, hope and transformation.
For its part, Best Day Travel Group shares this philosophy with its declaration of doing things with love, which supports its distinction as a Socially Responsible Company for seven years.



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