Acuario y Museo del Mar del Rodadero, an appointment with marine fauna

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Acuario y Museo del Mar del Rodadero, an appointment with marine fauna
August 21, 2019

The complex located is a must for those who visit Santa Marta. It has swimming pools built in the sea, glass aquariums and a unique museum of its kind

The aquarium was built in 1966 by Captain Francisco Ospina Navia, who dedicated himself to commercial shark fishing. It has a collection of marine fauna, exhibited in 13 tanks and 15 glass aquariums, with more than 100 species and 900 specimens, including invertebrates and marine vertebrates, such as fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Pieces of different marine species are also exhibited, such as shark jaws, dissected large fish, sea shells among others, and different nautical elements, here curiously there is a section dedicated to the emblematic TITANIC. Such as publications, pieces and even an exact replica of the different types of dishes according to the differentiated classes inside the boat.
The Pre-Columbian Cultural exhibition of the Tayronas alludes among others to these great navigators, to their customs and beliefs which marked a large part of the Caribbean region, to the point that today there are still descendant cultures as they are the case of the Koguis
In this section of the museum we find archaeological pieces of recognized symbolic value, in addition to finding some in very good condition, among which are Vessels, Carved Bones, Necklaces, Jades among others.


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