ANATO issues press release for situation in Colombia

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ANATO issues press release for situation in Colombia
Paula Cortés Calle, ANATO
Mon September 02, 2019

Paula Cortés Calle, Executive President of the Association, said: "We have expressed all our support for the President of the Republic, Ivan Duque. We cannot allow a few pieces that have been separated from the peace process, to discourage our fines."

Behind the peace firm, during the last few years, Colombia has stood out in holders of different media of international communication as a country of great potential and worth knowing. His name is with the greatest of all in the world.

Despite the announcement about the return to FARC's arms, the sector is now ready to continue working to promote the Colombian destinations. “The impact is worrisome, and it is all sad, because I have advanced in the good image of one country, and there has been some hope that tourism in Colombia is steadily growing,” explained Paula Cortés Calle, CEO of ANATO .

And added: “Together with the National Council, this year we have expressed all our support to the President of the Republic, Ivan Duque, and our intentions to continue to undertake actions that will allow us to advance our purposes. We have reached some and we have to follow uniéndonos until we reach Colombia an international destination. We cannot allow some wells that have been detached from the process of peace, to discourage our fines. ”

The participation of travel agencies in international holidays has been an important channel for the world to see those aspects that are becoming increasingly attractive to our country. Therefore, these companies will continue to have voice to voice with greater participation in these events and packaging these destinations within their innovative service portfolio.


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