Abav: Embratur extols Bolsonaro government support for tourism

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Abav: Embratur extols Bolsonaro government support for tourism
Wed September 25, 2019

The President's speech at the United Nations General Assembly echoed on Wednesday the opening of the ABAV International Tourism Expo 2019

Embratur CEO Gilson Machado Neto highlighted the historic moment in New York.

“Our president has demonstrated, as never before, his commitment to Brazilian tourism. It exposed the wounds of those who try to protect free enterprise and thought. Free initiative that will be fundamental to leverage our sector of stagnation, ”he said.

To an audience filled with officials such as Tourism Minister Marcelo Alvaro Antonio, 25 tourism secretaries, and trade members, Gilson highlighted important achievements of the current government such as visa-free travel (United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan) and the opening of foreign capital to airlines.

“We are part of people's happiness, and that must be our priority. We want our trade to be hugely successful and make our country a leading market. We will now be a breeding ground for good national and international entrepreneurs who create jobs in our country, ”explained Gilson.

According to the Central Bank of Brazil, in July, the first month after approval of the visa waiver, US $ 598 million was injected into the Brazilian economy by foreign tourists, against US $ 417 million registered in the same period last year.

The Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro, completed the good moment of the sector and reported that between May and July the spending of foreign tourists in the country grew 43% compared to 2018. “The mission of tourism is to bring employment and dignity to people”, concluded.

Magda Nassar, president of the Brazilian Travel Agency Association (ABAV), thanked Embratur for her presence and stressed the importance of an open dialogue between the government and the tourism trade.


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