Volaris offers 15 thousand seats to California

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Volaris offers 15 thousand seats to California
Fri July 24, 2020

The Mexican airlines will connect California with Mexico through 11 routes to 4 destinations

Volaris, the Mexican airline with the most routes to and from California, will have a 53% increase in its operations in August, connecting the state with 4 Mexican destinations directly, offering 15,000 seats with fares starting at $ 129 USD in one way.

During August, Volaris will connect California to Mexico through 11 routes from the cities of Oakland, San José California, Fresno and Sacramento. These routes are:

Oakland - Mexico City
Oakland - Guadalajara
Oakland - Morelia
Oakland - Leon (reactivation)
San José - Guadalajara
San José - Morelia (reactivation)
San José - León (reactivation)
Fresno - Guadalajara
Fresno - Morelia (reactivation)
Sacramento - Guadalajara
Sacramento - León (reactivation)

Volaris began operations in California in 2009 and has since transported 5.1 million Customers to and from the state. In August, it will carry out a total of 458 operations under its strict Biosafety Protocol, which considers mandatory body temperature measurement, disinfection of aircraft with industrial-grade products, and total renewal of cabin air every three minutes with HEPA filter technology, which They capture up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

The airline remains focused on its brand promise, offering the lowest fares on the market and competing directly with the price of buses, offering flexibility options through its Con Volaris Seguro Vuelas program.


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