Spirit Airlines inaugurates flight between Bucaramanga and Fort Lauderdale

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Spirit Airlines inaugurates flight between Bucaramanga and Fort Lauderdale
Wed November 18, 2020

It will be the only international flight connecting directly to the department of Santander with the United States

Spirit Airlines inaugurated its new route between the Palonegro de Bucaramanga International Airport (BGA) and the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).

Spirit's flight between Bucaramanga and Fort Lauderdale will be the only international flight directly connecting the department of Santander with the United States. The addition of flights to Bucaramanga and Barranquilla positions Spirit as the airline with the largest number of direct flights connecting the United States with Colombia.  

“We are very pleased to be able to inaugurate this very important route for the Santander region and for us as an airline,” said Camilo Martelo, Director of International Airports for Spirit Airlines. "The opening of these two new routes is a sign of our commitment to continue offering convenient and flexible flight options to our Passengers, providing greater connectivity to the destinations we fly."

000 international visitors from the United States and we did not have this direct flight. We are totally sure that with this new route we will be able to increase these figures and generate progress, development and growth for our region. "

Spirit began its service to Colombia in May 2008, connecting Fort Lauderdale (FLL) with Cartagena (CTG). The airline's expansion continued over the next decade with flights to Bogotá (BOG), Medellín (MDE), Armenia (AXM) and Cali (CLO). Additionally, the airline inaugurated its direct service from Orlando (MCO) to Cartagena, Bogotá and Medellín in 2018. In the last 12 years, Spirit has flown more than 3.1 million Passengers between Colombia and the different cities in the States. United. 

"The direct route between Bucaramanga and Fort Lauderdale provides opportunities for Santander residents to generate new business," said Juan Camilo Beltrán Domínguez, Executive President of the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce. “Today the United States is Santander's main commercial partner and this flight will allow us to continue taking advantage of the Free Trade Agreement signed between the countries to further diversify our export basket and attract foreign investment. In turn, it will promote international tourism in Santander. "

On September 19, Spirit was the first airline to enter Colombia, landing in Cartagena after six months since the border closures. The airline also led humanitarian efforts, operating more than 170 flights between Colombia and the United States, helping more than 30,000 people to reunite with their families and loved ones.

Spirit Airlines Security Protocols Taking   
care of our Passengers and Team Members is Spirit's top priority. The airline has a security approach comprised of several protocols including a regulation requiring all Passengers and Team Members to wear cloth face covers. Spirit's fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency particulate matter (HEPA) filters that capture 99.97% of particulates and filter the air of contaminants every 3 minutes.   


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