Sabre bets on recovery with new technological solutions

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Sabre bets on recovery with new technological solutions
Source: Travel2latam
June 18, 2021

During the ANATO Tourist Showcase we had the chance to interview José Guzmán, Regional Director of Saber Travel Solutions for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela who has shared his vision about the present and future of the market

Sabre has participated with a relevant stand in the ANATO Tourist Showcase, an event that culminates today after three days of hard work. There we have had the opportunity to talk with José Guzmán, Regional Director of Sabre Travel Solutions for the region that includes Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela, who has shared with us his vision on the recovery of the industry and how the pandemic is activating the need for travel technology to accelerate the recovery process in the industry.  

It should be noted that Guzmán joined the technology firm in October 2020, so he has had to start his new position in unprecedented times.

What are you presenting in the Showcase and what does it mean for you to be able to participate after everything that has happened?
"For us being here is part of our commitment to recovery and our commitment to the region. It is important to contribute to the reactivation of the industry. Regarding products, we are presenting, among other products, our New Airline Storefront, a digital showcase, innovative in the industry, which facilitates the comparison of increasingly complex airline offers in the indirect channel. Its shelves organize the breadth and depth of an airline's offer on a parallel screen that helps to visualize the different options according to the needs of the This not only enables airlines to effectively market their unique product in the indirect channel, but also helps travel buyers communicate the full value of the offering. Our multi-year alliance with Google Cloud,It will allow us to continue innovating with products like our Smart Retail Engine, the first powered by our Saber Travel AI ™ technology."

How have you noticed the levels of consultation within the fair?
"We have held key meetings, we note that there are excellent opportunities and the number of meetings we have held have been similar to previous ANATO editions. The influx has dropped due to capacity, but we are very satisfied with the number of appointments we have had" .

Based on the data they handle, what is your vision on the recovery of the business?
"Last year with the opening of airports it had begun to recover and then came the new wave of infections at the end of the year that has hit the market again with restrictions, but now with the advance in vaccination levels we see that we are on the way From the recovery, month by month improvements are seen, although there is still a long way to go to reach pre-pandemic levels.

How optimistic are you about introducing innovations in a context where different customers don't have the same budget?
"These are moments of opportunities for transformation, as a leading provider we have been developing solutions that will allow tourism companies to have better tools to be more efficient and thus accelerate recovery and improve the volume of operations."

How is Sabre adapting to the changes posed by the pandemic?
"As Sabre took swift and decisive action to address the effects of COVID-19 on our business, we are now well positioned for growth as the travel environment continues to recover. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are making essential technology investments, developing new and innovative products, advancing strategic initiatives, and successfully adding commercial agreements. We are optimistic about the future, as the travel industry is resilient and the data shows a fairly constant recovery that seems to indicate that the traveler already feels more confident to travel thanks to the vaccine ”.

What is your message for tourism professionals right now?
"We are working 360 degrees with all market players in the travel ecosystem to help them grow business and accelerate recovery. We are here to help them through that process with state-of-the-art travel technology and a world-class team of experts. Together, we make travel happen.”


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