JW Marriott Lima announces the reopening of its gastronomic spaces

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JW Marriott Lima announces the reopening of its gastronomic spaces
Source: Marriott
March 04, 2022

La Vista restaurant and JW Lounge are back with renovated spaces and a new concept

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima is pleased to announce the reopening of the spaces located on its second floor, after a profound remodeling, consistent with its promise of innovation and focused on providing guests and visitors with a luxurious experience, characteristic of the JW brand. Marriot Hotel.

This space includes the reception and concierge area, as well as the La Vista Restaurant, the JW Lounge and the JW Market, which now boast a design inspired by the architecture of the geographical and historical context of different sites in Peru.        

The tall sand-colored walls resemble the cliffs that protect the coastline of Lima on the Costa Verde, the angular and geometric wall evokes the walls of the Incas and other pre-Hispanic cultures, and the vertical gardens in both the La Vista Restaurant and the JW Lounge make reference to the Costa Verde and the great extension of the Amazon in Peru.

On the other hand, a chopstick inspired by the sea that meets the cliff was designed, its shapes and design are directly inspired by the waves and marine forms. In the same way, the use of the curve is part of the furniture of the reception and concierge along with the circular lighting of the JW Lounge making reference to the ruins of Moray in Cusco and the balconies of the palaces of Lima, one of the cities in the world with the largest number of balconies, built mostly in the 16th and 17th centuries. A contrast between curves and straight lines was generated in the cladding of the walls and pillars. Always emphasizing the vertical proportion, the main wall of floor 2 is enhanced with a geometric design that reinterprets the Andes Mountains.

Both the Lima balconies and the curves also inspire the access to the La Vista restaurant and the JW Market with latticework, which add complexity to the space, generating layers and welcoming the La Vista Restaurant where blue tones are appreciated throughout its design. also inspired by the sea and the Cuestas of the artisan neighborhood of San Blas in Cusco. In every detail designed for this space you can clearly see the reinterpretation of the geographical context of the hotel that faces the Pacific Ocean, and show the importance of the sea in the history, economy and culture of Peru.

Luxury gastronomy

The reopening of the second floor marks the return of the gastronomic proposal of JW Marriott Hotel Lima and the welcome of Rafael Casín, as Executive Chef of the property.

Rafael Casín has more than 20 years of experience in international cuisine and the design of luxury gastronomic proposals. Peruvian by birth, the chef brings to JW Marriott Hotel Lima a concept that consists of showing the great pantry of products from Peru, from the mountains of Cusco to Loreto in the jungle and, of course, from Pachacamac in Lima, providing techniques to enhance the product.

This is the concept that he transferred to La Vista Restaurant, where the public can find a variety of dishes, being the Cheek in Tucupi Negro Sauce, one of the must-sees during your visit. “It is one of my favorite dishes. Through a long cooking time of 36 hours, we managed to enhance the delicious flavor of the meat, in this case the cheek, which, when mixed with black Tucupí, results in a very tasty dish, which we accompany with native potatoes from Huatata del Cusco. In this way we obtain a proposal with ingredients from the Coast, the Sierra and the Jungle”, commented the chef.

Otras de las opciones que el público podrá degustar en el Restaurant La Vista son el Paiche cocinado al Josper con puré de lúcuma y zapallo loche, salsa de curry verde y Copoazú, arena de cecina y láminas de castañas de Tambopata, un plato netamente basado en ingredientes de la Selva; la panceta de Cerdo Curoc y las versiones del hotel de recetas tradicionales como el Ceviche a la leche de tigre de ají limo, el Tiradito con emulsión de conchas de abanico y cushuros, la causa de la independencia y el infaltable Lomo saltado. “Estoy convencido de que van a disfrutar mucho nuestra nueva propuesta”, finalizó Casín.

La Vista Restaurant is available for breakfast service every day of the week from 6:30 AM to 11 AM. From Monday to Wednesday from 12:30 PM to 7 PM, chef Rafael Casin's signature menu is available, while from Thursday to Saturday we offer a buffet lunch service from 12:30 PM to 4 PM. The renowned JW Tea Time is offered from Thursday to Saturday from 5 PM to 7 PM and, to end the week, we offer our exclusive Sunday Brunch proposal.

Mixology, signature cocktails and a select and distinguished Cava are available at the JW Lounge accompanying an avant-garde proposal prepared by our itamaes, experts in Sushi and the best of Nikkei cuisine. These proposals can be enjoyed from Monday to Sunday from 5 PM to 12 AM.

The JW Market, run by Valery Schroth, the hotel's pastry chef, marks a concept of innovative gourmet pastry options, being a milestone for the property, as it becomes the first hotel in the region to incorporate this new concept. It is available from 8 AM to 7 PM.

A lover of the aromas, essences and colors of each ingredient, Valery says that his new gastronomic proposal is worthy of palates that pride themselves on gourmet pastry.


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