Recovery of the tourism sector will depend on public-private coordination

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Recovery of the tourism sector will depend on public-private coordination
Tue June 30, 2020

This is stated by the World Travel and Tourism Council


The prompt recovery of the tourism sector and the countries' economy will depend on the coordination of public-private actions, the approval of health protocols and the support provided by the authorities to the industry, assured Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), during its participation in the virtual meeting with the National Association of Hotel Chains.
She stressed that the crises registered in the past have yielded lessons to be taken into consideration, especially the importance of standardizing travel protocols at airports, borders, hotels, restaurants, cruises and other establishments linked to the sector.
Guevara Manzo said that the process of recovery in the travel and tourism sector will require collaboration between authorities and the private sector, the elimination of unnecessary travel alerts and the creation of tourist corridors or “bubbles” between countries.
"Similarly, it is important to carry out tests and follow-up of infections, the adoption of standardized health protocols, as well as to strengthen government support measures for the sector and investment in tourism promotion issues," he said.
She said that the recovery of travel and tourism will take place gradually, first domestically, then regional tourism and finally intercontinental travel. "The main objective is to rebuild the confidence of travelers, to allow the recovery of economic activity in the sector," she said.

“Therefore, from the WTTC we promote global protocols in the different sectors of the travel and tourism industry: hospitality, shopping, airports, restaurants, cruises, car rental and recreational parks, among others. Above all, it is important to make travelers aware of the importance of self-care and responsibility when resuming travel, "she explained.
The virtual meeting was attended by Luis Barrios, CEO of Hoteles City Express, who spoke of the importance of the approval of the protocols issued by the WTTC to protect the health of visitors and collaborators. "The challenge now is to apply sanitary measures in a friendly way, so that the warmth of the travel experience is not lost and the tourist feels comfortable," he added.
For his part, Jorge Paoli Díaz, CEO of Diestra Hotels, agreed that the main challenge ahead for the hotel sector is to recover the confidence of travelers, which is why the hotel industry takes all the necessary measures to care for the Health. "We are convinced that the WTTC protocols are serious and meet international standards," he said.
It is important to highlight the contribution of tourist activity to the world economy. For nine consecutive years, tourism outpaced the growth of the international economy, in 2019 alone it contributed 10.3 percent of global GDP and was responsible for generating one in four of the new jobs on the planet.


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